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Some ingredients for my recepy. Results may vary.

The brand flip - Marty Neumeier

The Dalai Lama - Little Book Of Winsdom

Start with way - Simon Sinek

Siddharta - Hermann Hesse

The win without pitching manifesto - Blair Enns

The brand zag - Marty Neumeier

Cromorama - Falcinelli

Suggest me something that inspires you :)

Send me a book title, yt video or everything it's worthwile for you.

Il tuo modulo è stato inviato!

Hooked - N. Eyal

Apologia di Socrate - Platone

The brand Gap - Marty Neumeier

This is marketing - Seth Godin

Homo Deus - Harari

Identify - Chermayeff / Geismar

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